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Monthly Workshops

CÁFE CON LECHE - Monthly Meeting

Lorena, founder of Cáfe con Leche Sangha invites you to these virtual meetings sponsored by IMCW

These gatherings have the aspiration to provide a safe and warmhearted space to meditate, develop a connection with our inner lives and share our values within our cultural identity as members of a Latinx community. 

Whether you are new to mindfulness meditation or a more experienced practitioner, you are welcome to be part of this community that fosters wholehearted connections and a sense of belonging.


When: Each first Sunday of each month at 9:00 (Miami time)

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*** All sessions are bilingual (Spanish and English) ****

*** All sessions are bilingual (Spanish and English) ****

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Image by Giancarlo Duarte



Special Events & Workshops


Discover the ancient secrets of Andean medicine in a unique opportunity to ask any questions you may have about this holistic approach to wellness. 

If you're looking for solutions beyond regular medicine, dealing with long-term health issues, or interested in a more holistic way of staying healthy, this workshop is perfect for you!

  • Next Session will be announced soon. 

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Lorena, in collaboration with Nature Forward, is hosting this event

Four Saturdays, 9:30-10:30 am: May 11, May 18, May 25, and June 1 (via Zoom) 
Note: this is a series with four classes that build on each other each time.

This four-week program offers a pragmatic approach to exploring mindfulness and integrating it into daily life. Participants will learn to recognize their emotions as a natural aspect of their biology and explore the concepts of mature and active compassion. Each session in this series is interconnected, allowing the participants to dive into mindful and wise activism, which can promote sustained well-being in environmental advocacy.


This program is designed to address the participants’ need for sustainable coping alternatives, highlighting the importance of diverse communal support and an appreciation for nature, both of which can contribute to collective healing.

This virtual program is geared towards environmental activists and advocates.


Sitting on a Bench
Green Leaf




In this workshop, we will explore the origins of energetic blockages and effective ways to release and recharge energy to achieve harmony. 

Learn how to dissolve the accumulation of heavy energy in your life and space and don't let stress and sadness affect your well-being. Become the architect of your own prosperity, moving heavy energies with plants, incense, and prayers. 

We will cover:

Use of different types of incense (cleansing, flourishing, healing)

Cleaning days and hours

Medicinal Plants for healing

Use of the left hand in cleansing

Role of nature in cleansing

Crafting your own Agua Florida for cleansing

Creating a flourishing bath

  • Next Session will be announced soon. 

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Orange Chrysanthemums



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