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Individual Solutions

Nowadays professional women are overwhelmed, burned out and torn among a career-driven life and household responsibilities.

These burdens lead to increased levels of stress that translates to feeling disoriented, anxious, and/or depressed.

By reconciling the vibrant strengths of ancestry and well living, woman like you, feel safe to process the grief of unique current challenges and lashes of past traumas, and create new objective narrative that have extraordinary and fruitful healing effects.

Let's find harmony

A C A method

Attentiveness, Companionship, Amplification

Is a proven methodology that will reorientate and strengthen your sense of self holistically, utilizing therapeutic processes. Each of our sessions promote healing and wellness through a pragmatic exploration to traditional foods, rituals, prayer, or meditation, physical movement, or somatic experience, as well as the ways in which you connect with others and nature.


During the duration of this program, I will accompany your discoveries and take the time to understand your individual story, including your connection to your upbringing, family traditions, relationship with nature and your experience of adapting to your present-day circumstances.


My promise to you

My goal is to support your overall wellness. I will carefully select and integrate different therapeutic techniques that bridge the gap between these two worlds and the best of traditional and modern practices to aid your healing.

My commitment to you is that by the end of our work together, you will have a sense of harmony in all aspects of your life and will feel confident in expressing yourself authentically and in making positive contributions to the lives of those around you.

8 weeks that will change your life

How does work?

After your intake session, I will personalize the approach of your future sessions with the intention to weave your own experience and expectations into treatment.

The rest of individual sessions must be completed within 8 weeks.

How can you get access?

Because of the nature of this effective and individualised work, there are only a few spots open every month.

All sessions are online.

All sessions are in

Spanish and English

What does include?

5 individual sessions + 8 weeks of accompaniment.

For accompaniment critical part of the program, you will have access to resources to nurture your progress on a daily basis.

people laughing and talking outside during daytime_edited.jpg

I want harmony
in my life

She understood my point of view as an emigrant and a minority. It was through her teachings that I learned to embrace my differences!

I am truly blessed to have been a part of Lorena’s program.

~ L. Tomsu

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