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Wellness Speaker & Presentor

A leading expert in the fields of stress management, spirituality, embodiment awareness, and the importance of reconnecting with nature.

Lorena, a lifelong poet-storyteller, author, and wellness speaker draws on her multidisciplinary background to promote trust and share her personal experiences of overcoming stress and anxiety through consistent access to her cultural heritage.


Through provoking presentations and training sessions, she educates and inspires audiences to recognize the power of their cultural heritage as a means of addressing stress and mental health challenges, and to reconnect with nature as an essential aspect of overall well-being.

She has extensive experience working with a diverse range of clients, including C-suite executives, leaders, and employees from corporations, associations, and universities across the globe.

Lorena focuses on a variety of topics, such as navigating change and transition, practicing mindfulness, dealing with trauma, reducing stress, and understanding personal responsibility and legacy as individuals living in the world today.

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