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The benefits of "letting go" and its connection with prosperity

Take action, evoke your own ancestral knowledge and find the harmony you are looking for.

Ancient cultures are full of colors and nuances around closing cycles. In the Andes, the tradition of closing cycles is associated with spiritual growth and creating harmony and reciprocity with Pachamama and the Cosmos. This knowledge is important and even essential for the progress of our lives as human beings.

In this article I will tell you the benefits of letting go, how and when to use rituals and ceremonies to bring harmony to your life.

Almost all ancient spiritual traditions offer some sort of cycle-closing process and speak of detaching oneself from the old and creating space for the new. This mental, emotional, and spiritual cleansing process, whether we call it karmatic purification, confession, detachment from the negative or returning heavy energy to nature, has the similar undercurrent of clearing the weeds that live within us. As a result, the action of letting go can free us from worldly burdens, allowing us to become happy and satisfied people.

Where to start letting go and creating space for something new?

Thousands of people travel to destinations full of mysticism, enigmas and sacred ruins, in search of harmony between spiritual balance and personal fulfilment. They do so, with the conviction that the ancestral energy of lands, like my beloved Perú, will help them to free themselves and to release the excess of emotional or spiritual burden.

But what if I tell you that spiritual balance and personal fulfilment could be found right where you are? Yes! by taking small actions and evoking your own ancestral knowledge, you can find the harmony you are looking for.

I have worked with hundreds of clients searching for alternative treatment to ease their emotional pain, either from trauma, chronic anxiety or sadness associated with grief, and the process of healing from what is weighing heavy on them, starts with cleansing, letting go and closing cycles, right where they are.

Andean Medicine talks about ceremonies and rituals as a way to create reciprocity with nature, knowing that the heavy energy of trauma and grief is a delicious food to Pachamama.

Andean Medicine talks about ceremonies and rituals as a way to create reciprocity with nature, knowing that the heavy energy of trauma and grief is a delicious food to Pachamama.

Let me explain with an example; A client came to me in pursuit to manage her anxiety about trusting people. She had an agonizing and long divorce due to her ex-spouse betrayal, after years of caring for herself, she was ready to open her heart again, however, her fear associated with her prior marriage was getting in the middle of interpersonal relationships, especially relationships with a possible mate.

Few sessions in, it was clear to me that there was a release needed to happen. Release from emotions, release from stocked and heavy energy, and everything in between. I asked her what her closet (make sure you look for the article about the energy of closets) looks like and how long it has been since she moved items from that space? She immediately responded that it had been years since she did a deep cleaning. I suggested she go through her closet putting things aside that she hasn't worn in years and to bring to our next session 1 or 2 items that may feel heavy emotionally.

A week later she showed up with wedding invitations from her wedding.

“I don't even remember that I have these, I have been divorced for years and, I don't know why they feel heavy in my heart!” Is it because you were not ready to release them, I said - and that is totally ok! We all have our own time to process, I asked her - Are you ready to let them go now?

Those wedding invitations were so valuable to her, they were a reminder of a joyful period in her life that turned into pain and most likely, the heavy energy of betrayal was oscillating all around her for years. Freeing and releasing the emotional charge and energy of those invitations to open space, allowing the new energy of trust and love, was a must and an overdue quest! Her spirit had to break the cycle of attachment to these items so that her new life could begin without ties.

The act of letting go is a ritual

This became her ritual to reconnect with her intrinsic energy and wise self. By intertwining nature and renewed vision on letting go and detachment, she viewed her emotional pain with fresh eyes. We worked together on assembling ceremonies unique to her individual needs, where she felt free, without being judged and, safe to let go of her wedding invitation as an offering to mother nature.

Cases like this confirm my theory that no matter where you were born and what your upbringing is, the spirit that lives in each of us is wise and knows our times.

Keep in mind that when we acquire new things, new thoughts, new ideas and new feelings, we must also free ourselves or let go of the old to have the space to integrate the new.

This notion of letting go and closing the cycles of our experiences, is a good reminder that getting rid of things that have heavy energy and use them as offerings to Mother Earth is a way of “Well Living”, likewise and despite the facts of seeking refuge in lands full of mysticism, enigmas and sacred grounds, if we don't take action to get unstuck from what we are trying to leave behind, harmony may be just an unfulfilled aspiration.



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