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Day Long Retreat 

Enjoying Nature

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, confused, alone, and tired of keep putting off your own needs?


I invite you to pause to give yourself a well-deserved gift of inner-peace, love, healing, and rest, while breathing fresh air. By returning to your roots, you will discover your inner medicine, so allow nature to support your journey in this long day retreat where you will be seen, heard and, held in love for who you really are.

Come unleash your fullness through true presence and an interdisciplinary experience anchored in ancient wisdom and nature. A proven integrational method that allows you to pause and rest from the hustle of stress and unreachable modern living demands. Be one of my many satisfied clients that implements these introspective breakthroughs for a deeper meaningful life. 


Inner resourcing in Nature is an effective tool to cope with the emotional angst that depletes our resilience reserves. Sacred grounds can be found everywhere where Nature is manifested, and during this time together, you will access the therapeutic connection with the river and mountains and the custodian forces of Earth’s eco-system.


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With plenty of time to journey inside your wild spirit

(the playful and unruffled one)


  • The transformational benefits of befriending your fears with inner and outer connection.

  • An eco-somatic experience and mindful pilgrimage that will lower the levels of stress and improve your emotional regulation by boosting cognitive abilities and strengthening the mind-body relationship.

  • Therapeutic Breathing that will help with burnout, providing strategies for pain management, and decreasing negative thinking and much more!



  • Therapeutic applications for connection and liberation

  • Eco-somatic inquiry and movement

  • Mindfulness walking and pilgrimage

  • Shadow work

  • Therapeutic Breathing

  • Ancient sacred plants

  • Sacred community circle

  • Ceremonies, offerings, and rituals

Forest Hammock






8AM TO 4PM  

(7am meditation at dawn optional)


$150 per person early bird

-reserve your spot soon!-

Regular price:  – $250


contact us for overnight accommodations


This exceptional and one-of-a-kind day-long retreat is

only available to 10 people.  



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About the facilitator:

Lorena is a Holistic Therapist and Coach, specialist in trauma and grief care. Originally from Perú, she is a keeper of her ancestral lineage wisdom and medicine. With more than 20 years of experience, she integrates therapeutic applications from interdisciplinary ancient traditions and clinical fundamentals, making her teaching method and guidance approach accessible to those living a stressful modern life and are searching for connection and balance in life. As an advocate for inclusive multicultural mental health, Lorena accompanies her clients’ journey anchored on the principle of reciprocity with Nature. This is the key to her work and legacy.

about my work

I can genuinely say that my experience with Lorena’s sessions forever changed my life! 

In a tough time of transition, full of grief and confusion and heavy heart, Lorena welcomed me with the most open arms, creating a feeling of comfort and safety during a troubled time. Upon few sessions with her, my life began to transform!  Beauty was restored to my vision, love flooded my heart, and amazing opportunities began to unfold before my very eyes. The healing energy that Lorena holds is absolutely astonishing. Anyone in need of a connection back to our mother, our breath, our self, should definitely check Lorena’s offerings.


Brianne Keilfferings