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Through the integration of holistic therapeutic applications,
I offer a safe space for accompaniment. 
I work with individuals recovering from traumatic events, people tired of searching for answers and connection, and leaders seeking
balance and purpose in life.

Meet Lorena

Holistic Therapist & Coach
Eco-Somatic * Andean Medicine Specialist

Hola Friends!

As an expert in trauma informed and grief care, I believe in the inclusive effect of Ancestral Medicine and I seek equality in health as fundamental right for all human beings. This is reflected in my motivational style and pedagogical techniques that blend the physical and holistic aspects, making my commitment for accompany the healing process to others very effective


She understood my point of view as an emigrant and a minority. It was through her teachings that I learned to embrace my differences!

I am truly blessed to have been a part of Lorena’s program and to have met all this amazing group of people.

- L. Tomsu

In a tough time of transition, full of grief and confusion and heavy heart, Lorena welcomed me with the most open arms, creating a feeling of comfort and safety during a troubled time. Upon few sessions with her, my life began to transform! 

- B. Keilfferings

Total mind, body, spirit balance and relaxation is what I experienced with Lorena's sessions. She is truly gifted and made me and my daughter feel like family with her kindness and unconditional positive regard. I will definitely include her practice as a part of my self-care plan and my me-time. 

-M. Mitcham  Ph.D

I highly recommend the Healing Sessions and Holistic Coaching with Lorena for expanding your spiritual practice and to aid in getting in touch with your inner self and healing.

-A. Thompson

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