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Through the integration of holistic therapeutic applications,
I offer a safe space for accompaniment. 
I work with individuals recovering from traumatic events, people tired of searching for answers and connection, and leaders seeking
balance and purpose in life.


Meet Lorena

Eco-Psychologist, Somatic Therapist, and Mindfulness Guide

Hola Friends,

Welcome! I am thrilled that you have found your way to my website. Everything seems to have aligned perfectly to bring us together in this virtual reading corner. 


Weekly Drops of Medicine - Weaving Healing Blog

Join me every week at Weaving Healing for a transformative journey. I share empowering tools that guide you in reconciling and healing through self-advocacy, tapping into the inner medicine found in nature. Explore heartfelt essays delving into cultural roots and traditions, fostering a collective awakening to the profound path of healing. 

She understood my point of view as an emigrant and a minority. It was through her teachings that I learned to embrace my differences!

I am truly blessed to have been a part of Lorena’s program.

~ L. Tomsu

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